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December 13th 2021

Floret’s Favorite Specialty Seed Sources

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Even though we have a seed company I probably order more seeds than anyone I know. Each year I find myself completely swept up in the hunt for new varieties and new companies and love learning as much as I possibly can about each and every one.

Below you will find my favorite sources for specialty seeds including flowers, vegetables, perennials, wildflowers, cover crops, and even dye plants. Over the years, readers have also shared their favorite sources for seed all over the world which I’ve included along with mine. My hope is that this resource will introduce you to some wonderful new companies that you may not have heard of and help get you dreaming about new varieties to add to your garden.

If you have a favorite seed company that’s not listed here, I’d love to know about it. Please tuck it in the comments section at the bottom of this post.   


United States

3 Porch Farm3 Porch Farm
Located in northern Georgia, 3 Porch Farm is run by our friends Mandy and Steve O’Shea. Mandy and Steve’s commitment to sustainability is unparalleled and spans every aspect of their business. For example, all three of their delivery vehicles run on waste vegetable oil, and their house and farm are 100 percent solar-powered. They offer a beautiful selection of cut flower seeds including their hauntingly beautiful farm-bred Chinese Forget-Me-Not Ms. Marilyn, fall-blooming formosa lilies, money plant, and dazzling array of sunflowers. They also ship their fresh cut flowers nationwide and sell heirloom chrysanthemum plants in the spring.

Adaptive Seeds
Oregon-based Adaptive Seeds is a small certified organic company with a unique catalog focusing on regionally adapted varieties. Working with a small group of Pacific Northwest growers, they are working to bring biodiversity back to small farms and home gardens. They sell many Northwest-bred varieties of vegetables, grains, and flowers, as well as some wonderful mixes that could be fun for home gardeners to experiment with.

American Meadows
I had the pleasure of meeting owner Mike Lizotte a few years ago at a big seed conference and he was so generous with his information and has been a wonderful resource as we’ve grown our little seed company. Located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, American Meadows offers a massive selection of wildflower seeds and their website is a treasure trove of information, especially when it comes to choosing which varieties will thrive in your climate. We planted a large meadow at the back of the farm and used their seed for the project.

Ardelia Farm & Co.
Based in Vermont, Ardelia offers more than 60 varieties of the highest quality sweet pea seed, much of which they grow themselves. You can discover some really rare, special treats, and be sure to check out owner Bailey Hale’s helpful step-by-step guide to growing sweet peas.

Please note: Ardelia has decided to take a year off and will not be selling sweet pea seeds for the upcoming spring 2024 season.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
This Missouri-based seed company offers one of the largest selections of heirloom seeds (over 1,200 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs) in the country. Owners Jere and Emily Gettle are incredibly dedicated to seed preservation and education. Their catalog is the best on the market, and they mail them to over a million people annually.

Tiffany Jones working in the field at Blomma Flower FarmBlomma Flower Farm
Tiffany Jones is a zinnia breeder located in Nevada who is focused on developing a new line of zinnias in soft pastel colors and unique forms. Tiffany is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and generously shares what she knows, which is so refreshing in the plant breeding world. She sells limited quantities of her breeding seeds through a yearly fundraiser, so make sure you’re signed up for her newsletter to get all of the details. If you’re interested in zinnia breeding, check out her comprehensive book, The Zinnia Breeder’s Handbook.
Photo above copyright Graham Chase.

Botanical Interests
This long-standing Colorado seed company offers a great selection of both heirloom and newer varieties in the most beautifully designed packets. In addition to beautiful botanical illustrations by a wide range of artists, packets include garden history, landscape ideas, recipes, and fun facts. The company offers an inspiring range of wildflower mixes, as well.

Kori of Dawn Creek Farm holds up a handful of breeding zinniasDawn Creek Farm
Kori Hargreaves grows and breeds flowers in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. She is one of the most magical souls that I’ve ever met and has greatly influenced my work as a flower breeder. Kori has offered her breeding through a yearly fundraiser—sign up for her newsletter to learn more. I’m so excited that we’ll be offering four of her special zinnias as part of the Floret Originals release. You can read a full interview with Kori here.

Fruition Seeds
Fruition Seeds is a heart-centered seed company located in Western New York that specializes in organic, regionally adapted flower, vegetable, and herb seeds that thrive in a short growing season and have remarkably early maturity. What I love most about this company is how openly they share their knowledge and expertise.

Grand Prismatic
I first learned about Grand Prismatic Seed when researching dye plants to add to our garden. I have always been fascinated by the art of natural dyeing and was on the hunt for suitable flower varieties that could be grown from seed. Located in Utah, they focus on open-pollinated seeds that are grown using organic practices. They have a great range of plants for natural dyeing and a variety of unusual offerings, including native desert plants and medicinal herbs, that thrive in harsh climates. You can read a full interview with them here.

High Mowing Organic Seeds
This well-respected Vermont-based company is a go-to source for organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds with more than 700 heirloom and open-pollinated varieties in their catalog.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
I can’t say enough good things about this company! Johnny’s has been serving market gardeners since the early 1970s. They offer an insane range of vegetable, herb, and cut flower seed, along with tools and supplies—hoop house benders, bouquet sleeves, seed-starting supplies, and high-quality hand tools. 

Chris and I had the pleasure of visiting their trial farm and shipping warehouse several years back, and we were blown away by the level of quality and care that goes into everything that they do. Cut flower seed manager Hillary Alger (pictured above) has done a fantastic job expanding their range of flower seeds and supplies over the last few years, and I’m excited to see what she has in store for the future.

Peace Seedlings
I found out about this obscure little seed company down in Oregon’s Willamette Valley through Eric who heads up our seed-growing efforts here at Floret. They are delightfully old school—their blog also functions as their catalog, and to place an order, you have to mail in a handwritten list of what you want along with a check or cash, which I love! Peace Seedlings specializes in breeding for diversity rather than uniformity, so if you’re on the hunt for some unusual and unique new treasures, look no further. They have some wild, psychedelic zinnia mixes, and their farm-bred snow and snap pea varieties are beautiful and delicious. You can read a full interview with them here.

Renee’s Garden
For as long as I can remember, our local garden centers and nurseries have carried Renee’s beautiful seed packets. I love her custom flower and vegetable mixes because they allow you to try a wide range of varieties without having to order a bunch of individual packets—they are the perfect solution for backyard gardens. In addition, her wildflower scatter gardens make the perfect gift.

Seed Savers Exchange
Long-standing champions of preserving heirloom varieties, this Iowa-based company stewards a very large and interesting collection. They offer a wide range of vegetables and flowers on their website, but a wider selection is available through the Seed Exchange—a large nationwide group of home gardeners who grow a small number of varieties and provide them to members of the exchange for a small fee. The exchange catalog is extensive and if you like seed stories, this is full of them. 

Select Seeds
This Connecticut-based company specializes in old-fashioned and fragrant flowers. They have an incredible selection of heirloom varieties that you can’t find anywhere else. I always discover new treasures to add to my garden in their catalog which you absolutely must sign up for!

Siskiyou SeedsSiskiyou Seeds
This wonderful little regional seed company produces many of the open-pollinated and heirloom flower, vegetable, herb, and grain seeds that they sell. Located in Southwest Oregon, Siskiyou Seeds uses organic practices and biodynamic methods on their farm.

Snake River Seed Cooperative
Snake River has developed a regional seed hub in Boise, Idaho, and focuses on varieties adapted for the high desert. They work with small family farms in the West and share their seed-saving knowledge with the goal of strengthening regional seed systems. Their catalog is full of native plants that pollinators love, as well as vegetables and herbs for the garden. They have also written a printable seed-saving guide that is available on their website.

Steve Kaufer surrounded by sunflowersSunflower Steve Seed Co.
Steve Kaufer, aka Sunflower Steve, is a flower grower and sunflower breeder located in Wisconsin. Steve reached out to us a few years ago with photos of some very unique sunflowers he had been working on, a result of some rogue plants in his fields. I urged him to pursue his breeding work, and he now has his own seed company. Steve currently offers a beautiful mix of his breeding stock called Van Gogh’s Fantasy Mix, and has numerous new varieties in the works. If you love sunflowers, be sure to visit his website and sign up for his newsletter to stay up to date on his seed sales.

Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Swallowtail’s calling card is their wide range of varieties, especially when it comes to flower seeds. This is a great place to go for unusual novelties, and they have exciting new introductions every year.

Territorial Seed Co.
This Oregon-based company offers a good selection of garden flowers and herbs, and they trial all the seeds they offer at their farm. They have a new section on their website called Garden Planner that has loads of helpful information on insect pests, beneficial insects, and plant diseases, along with garden plans and videos.

Trays of sprouting seedlingsTruelove Seeds
Truelove Seeds is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is named after founder Owen Taylor’s Great Great Great Grandmother Leticia Truelove. They offer a collection of flower and vegetable varieties grown by over 50 small farmers that were suggested by customers and partner farms as being culturally important to their communities, providing an agricultural, culinary, or aesthetic link to home. Truelove Seeds has developed a generous profit share with growers, returning 50 percent of packet sales to the seed grower.

Uprising Seeds
This family-run organic seed farm in Washington State has led the way with organic flower seed production and offers a beautiful range of more than 150 varieties for cutting, all of which are open-pollinated. They also have a great selection of vegetables, grains, and herbs. I love their seed descriptions—each one is a story in itself and includes how they discovered the variety, interesting facts, and great planting tips.

Wild Garden Seed
Owners Frank and Karen Morton have been our seed-growing mentors for years now and have generously shared so much of their hard-won knowledge with us. Frank is one of the most prolific lettuce seed breeders in the world, and his catalog boasts more than 140 varieties! They also have a wonderful range of organic flower seeds, including many that are quite rare and obscure.


For international readers looking for specialty seeds, we’ve compiled a list of sources that have been recommended to us over the years. But please note that, while I have ordered from the U.S. suppliers listed above, I do not have any firsthand experience ordering from these companies, so I cannot vouch for their quality or service.


Milli Proust harvesting tulips with her dogsAlma | Proust
I have been following Milli Proust for years on Instagram and was so excited when she decided to start offering seeds. Milli recently joined forces with Paris Alma to further expand the cottage business which includes a small flower farm, floral design services, and a seed and garden shop. Their current collection includes more than 70 varieties that are easy to grow and great for design work. Each seed packet has a colorful, painted illustration of the variety plus a simple sowing guide.

Chiltern Seeds
This U.K.-based company has been offering rare specialty varieties since 1975. They have a great selection of flower, vegetable, and herb seeds, along with grasses and wildflowers. They are my go-to source for hard-to-find cut flower varieties that you can’t get anywhere else, and their customer service is great.

Grace Alexander in the gardenGrace Alexander Flowers
Grace won a scholarship to attend one of our in-person workshops in 2017 and has since gone on to start her own seed company. If you want to be seriously inspired with a big ol’ dose of beauty, be sure to check out her website, where she offers a small range of sweet pea seed plus seeds for natural dye plants. In order to access her garden-grown seed offering, you have to be part of her membership site, Gather.

Green & Gorgeous
We had the incredible pleasure of getting to visit Green & Gorgeous on our epic trip through England in 2019. Rachel Siegfried (pictured above) is a gifted farmer-florist and recently released a line of specialty seed that she has grown and harvested on her flower farm. Each variety is chosen for its “growability,” floral design attributes, and specific color and form. Rachel’s photos are heartbreakingly beautiful, and her perennial selection is incredibly inspiring. I can’t wait to see where she takes her seed line in the future, and I only wish I could get my hands on these treasured varieties.

Roger Parsons Sweet Peas
I have been pen pals with Roger Parsons—and a loyal customer—for many years, and he has taught me a great deal about growing sweet peas for seed. I had the chance to visit his farm (pictured above) in Sussex on our trip to England, and it was one of the highlights of the trip. In addition to being a world-renowned sweet pea expert and author (Sweet Peas: An Essential Guide), he has also won numerous awards. He is the custodian of the National Collection of sweet peas and offers a staggering number of varieties through his mail-order seed company. If you love sweet peas, you will lose your mind over his website and catalog.

Sarah Raven holding a bouquet of flowersSarah Raven
Internationally renowned gardener, author, and BBC television host Sarah Raven has long led the way when it comes to cut flowers. Her books The Cutting Garden and Grow Your Own Cut Flowers gave me my start in flower growing and arranging with seasonal flowers. So many people have her to thank for sparking the seasonal flower movement. Sarah conducts extensive flower and vegetable trials at her famous Perch Hill farm and school, which we had the chance to visit in 2019, and it was even more magical than I expected. Her website and catalogs are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and you can easily get lost for hours in the pages. Photo above copyright Jonathan Buckley.

Higgledy Garden
From his cutting garden in Cornwall, Benjamin Ranyard sells seeds from flowers chosen for their color, form, texture, vase life, height, and strong stems. He also writes a blog to help new growers.

Kings Seeds
Based in Essex, Kings offers a large range of seed selected with commercial growers in mind. Bedding plants and cut flower varieties are listed together, so be careful when making selections.

Moles Seeds
Moles, also in Essex, has a huge range of flower seed, categorized by annuals, perennials, and biennials. It’s helpful to have a look at their cultural guide, “Cut flowers from seed.”

Mr. Fothergill’s
This well-known, second-generation company based in Suffolk caters to home gardeners and sells seed to more than 30 countries. They have a great selection of flower seeds and detailed growing information on their website. Check the end of the list for RHS flower seeds, including pollinator and bird mixes.

Stacks of terra cotta flower potsNicky’s Nursery
This family-owned business in Kent sells to both home gardeners and commercial growers and offers vegetable, herb, grass, and flower seeds. The bedding plants and cut flowers are listed together, so check your varieties carefully. They also offer wildflower seed.

Plants of Distinction
This company in Suffolk, at one time the largest supplier of the Himalayan blue poppy, still works with specialist collectors. It’s a family-run business with a ton of great cut flower varieties growers are looking for.

Swan Cottage Flowers
Zoe Woodward in Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire, grows flowers for her wedding design business. Her social media and Pinterest accounts are super-helpful, especially if you want to grow for weddings. Sign up for her VIP email list for her seed sales.

Founded in 1806 and based in Devon, this internationally known company offers a wide range of garden seed, along with tools and supplies.

Thompson & Morgan
Founded in 1855, this well-known company based in Suffolk offers a wide range of garden products, including a good selection of annual and perennial flowers, plus wildflower seed mixes. The website includes a lot of great growing tips.

Founded in 1903 and based in Cambridgeshire, Unwins originally specialized in flower seed and later expanded to include vegetable seed and other products. They continue to develop sweet pea varieties, and their site lists more than 90 sweet peas along with other flowers, with helpful categorization and search filters.

This long-standing company, founded in 1881 and based in Suffolk, is the place for chrysanthemum cuttings. Mums are their specialty, and they offer young plants in more than 150 varieties; be sure to choose cut flower types.


Graines Voltz 
This French company supplies plugs (small rooted plants) to the trade. You can browse the website in French, German, Spanish, or Italian, and search for specific varieties or scroll through the varieties listed by genus.

Based in Germany, Jelitto offers an incredible range of perennial and biennial seeds, including a huge number of long-stemmed columbines. If you are a beginning gardener, their website and catalog might be intimidating because all of the plants are listed with their Latin names. They have amazing seed-starting instructions including all of the special tricks needed for starting perennials.

Muller Seeds
This Dutch company lists more than 600 varieties of cut flower seed on its website. Perennials, sunflowers, sweet peas, ornamental grasses, and flowers good for drying are all listed in separate categories.

Bingenheimer Saatgut
This German company offers only open-pollinated vegetable, flower, and herb varieties of organic seeds and plants, working with a network of organic and biodynamic seed producers. Charts on the website show sowing, planting, and blooming times for each variety.

This seed company in Galway, Ireland, offers almost 2,500 varieties, and you can search flower varieties using many categories, including foliage and fillers, dried flowers, natural dyes, sowing month, and more. While you’re looking for flowers, check out the “Ancient Crops” list under the Edibles tab.

This small Belgian nursery outside Brussels specializes in annuals and biennials. The owners love old-fashioned flowers, appreciate pollinators, and grow more than 500 varieties.

Vreeken’s Seeds
Founded in 1926, this third-generation Dutch company works with both home gardeners and commercial growers. They offer more than 1,700 annual and perennial flower seeds, along with many different seed mixes, including one for dried flowers.


Johnny’s Selected Seed
Hands down the best garden company in the U.S., and they ship to Canada. They cater primarily to market gardeners, but their selection and online technical growing information can’t be beat. Johnny’s offers an insane range of vegetable, herb, and cut flower seed, along with tools and supplies—hoop-house benders, bouquet sleeves, seed-starting supplies, and high-quality hand tools. They have everything you need, and the quality is great.

Renee’s Garden Seed
Based in the U.S., Renee’s ships throughout Canada. The longtime standard at locally operated garden centers, Renee’s really caters to backyard gardeners. I love her custom flower and vegetable mixes because you can try a lot of varieties without having to order a bunch of different packets. Her wildflower scatter gardens are a great invention.

West Coast Seeds
This fourth-generation family-owned company in British Columbia promotes organic growing and sustainable agriculture. They have a nice selection of untreated, non-GMO seeds for flowers, herbs, and grasses that can be used as cut materials.

William Dam Seeds
This Ontario-based, family-run company was founded by Dutch immigrants William and Rene Dam in 1959. They offer a long list of cut flower and herb seeds, including many fantastic, hard-to-find specialties.

Veseys Seeds
Family-owned for 80 years, this company on Prince Edward Island is geared toward home gardeners. They offer flower and herb seed, great wildflower seed mixes, seed-starting supplies, and backyard-scale season extension equipment.

Globe amaranth growing in the fieldAustralia

Australian Seed
Based in Western Australia, this company specializes in Australian native seeds. They carry a wide selection of flowers, as well as vegetables and seeds for medicinal plants.

The Climbing Fig
The Climbing Fig, based in New South Wales, offers a great selection of cut flower seed, including many specialties, and you can browse seeds by color, season, and region. They also offer a wide range of propagation supplies, and the website is very easy to use.

The Diggers Club, Australia’s largest gardening club, has a huge range of garden and cut flower seed varieties. There’s a ton of helpful growing information on the website, including some of the videos from their excellent YouTube channel.

Lambley Nursery
Owner David Glenn is known internationally for his emphasis on sustainable gardening, and the company’s garden complex in Central Victoria, which feeds four generations of the family, draws visitors from around the world. Lambley offers a great selection of cut flower seed.

Royston Petrie
This second-generation, family-owned wholesale supplier in New South Wales sells to both commercial growers and home gardeners. They offer more than 800 varieties of flowering plants, and their website shows the availability status of each one.

The Seed Collection
This Victoria-based company offers chemical-free heirloom, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and non-GMO seeds, including a good selection of cut flower seeds, as well as seed collections.

Southern Harvest
This company in Tasmania carries a nice selection of cottage garden flower seeds, plus a long list of herbs, and some natives that are really useful as cut flowers. A great site for cut flower growers.

Seedlings in the Floret greenhouseNew Zealand

Egmont Seeds
This family-owned company in New Plymouth caters to home gardeners and emphasizes customer service. They offer more than 500 types of flower seeds, as well as seeds for herbs and New Zealand native plants.

After years of planning, Tikorangi farmer-florist Sarah Hawkless has just begun offering flower seed. Subscribe to her newsletter for information updates. (And check out her gorgeous dried flower bouquets.)

Garden Post
This family-owned company in Tauranga offers 33 types of sweet pea seeds, as well as more than 100 varieties of flower seed, with cutting and garden types listed together.

Dr Keith Hammett
Keith Hammett is a world-renowned breeder in Auckland best known for his contributions to sweet peas, dahlias, and clivia and sells seeds for these flowers and amaryllis on his website. His sweet pea varieties are amazing!

Kings Seeds
This company based in Katikati has a huge list and range of seeds—everything from flowers to animal grazing mixes. The website offers helpful search filters: hardiness, light needs, type of use, color, height, and sowing time.

Nourish Gardens
Christy Ralphs operates this diversified farm on Waiheke Island, with specialty cut flower production, a small-scale food forest, medicinal gardens, and more. She documents her work through writing and photos and offers a beautifully curated collection of seeds.

Owairaka Seeds
This small company in Auckland specializes in rare and hard-to-find perennial seeds, and they also offer some annuals and biennials.

Puriri Lane
Longtime Floret supporters Deb and Clive Sisam own and operate a plant nursery and display garden near Auckland, New Zealand. They specialize in hard-to-find annuals and perennials that they ship across the country. Their online shop has a nice selection of sweet peas and annual flowering plants along with gifts and gardening books.

South Africa

Ball Straathof
This third-generation company in Gauteng partners with Ball Horticultural in the U.S. They offer a good selection of cut flower seeds and plugs (small rooted plants) to commercial growers.

Seeds for Africa
Located in Capetown, this company, founded in 2011, has a catalog of more than 2,600 seeds, including indigenous African varieties. They sell on eBay and offer many favorite cut flower varieties.

If you have a favorite seed company that’s not listed here, I’d love to know about it. Please tuck it in the comments section below.   

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  1. Denise on

    Sounds like US Customs is cracking down and being vigilant according to Robert Parson’s website. I’d hat to have my seeds destroyed trying to get into Colorado 😢😢 Any recommended US sweet pea producers with the varieties close to Robert’s? Thanks

  2. Isobel Cunningham on

    I believe there was an article in the New York Times about you working with a seed producer in Ukraine. I have lost it (of course) but wonder if you were still distributing for this courageous lady who is supporting her family with this business. Thanks Isobel

  3. Terri Bailey on

    Thank you for such an amazing and detailed list. I can’t wait to explore many of these later today. I am so glad I found your company this year!! Can’t wait for my soon to arrive order of your seeds. (Also your printable cards – I am also a visual person and am constantly sketching with colored pencils for my gardens) 😍

  4. Dave Hermeyer on

    Please consider listing Silverhill Seeds. They have an awesome list of South Africa natives and succulents.

  5. Pamela Hammonds on

    In looking through your seed farm resources, I was looking for a farm located in Texas, to help me source plants best suited for our hot, dry climate. I am not in any way affiliated with them, but would love for you to consider listing WildSeed Farms, my go-to for wildflower seeds.

  6. Linda Jones on

    Three US based seed companies I’ve had great luck with are Hudson Valley Seed Co. in New York, which has a wide variety of flower, herb and vegetable seeds in artfully designed packets, Strictly Medicinal Seeds that provide great seeds and information on an extensive variety of medicinal plants, and Quail Seeds in California that focuses on veg, herb and flower seeds with a focus on things that are perennial or can be naturalized, also a fantastic source of general growing info.

  7. Courtney Williams on

    Fedco Seeds! <3
    We are a worker and member owned cooperative based in Maine founded in 1978. We were one of the original signers of the safe seed pledge, work directly with independent seed breeders and small farmers to source both well known and unique varieties of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

    Our seed supplier codes also let you know what sort of seed farm or company your purchase is supporting, and we pay royalties to black and indigenous communities as well as independent seed breeders.
    Looking for something you’re having trouble finding? Let us know!

    We also have a Trees branch that offers edible and ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials, as well as our Bulbs branch, and an Organic Growing Supplies branch.

  8. Mayumi on

    I would like to introduce Stems Flower Farm to you. They run a family farm in Ontario, Canada. I love to order seeds from them, and I bought zinnia seeds this year.

  9. Meegan Davis on

    For Canadian gardeners/small scale flower farmers, I would have to suggest Hanna Earth Gardens. Yuki is fairly small scale but she has some great varieties and she always includes a small packet of something as a Thank You! Love her!

  10. Julie Morrison on

    Silver Falls Seed Company in Silverton, Oregon has large quantities of wildflower seed in mixes and individual varieties. My favorites are the light blue, light pink and light purple larkspur, their nigella mix, and a dainty baby’s breath that’s perfect for bouquet filler. Prices are incredibly low too!

  11. Leah Harr on

    Where can I find the emerald beed cress seeds since you no longer sell?

  12. Nancy Spangler on

    I tried growing sweet peas from seed for over 5 years and never had any luck until I planted your seeds. The plants were healthy and the flowers were so beautiful.
    It was like a dream came true.
    It is so wonderful and generous of you to share your seed sources.
    After looking at the seed sources you shared, could you let me know where I can order poppy seeds?
    I love your blogs.
    Please do not stop sharing anything you think would help other gardeners.
    Thank you for all the happiness you have brouht to all those who buy your seeds.

  13. Stephanie on

    Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a wonderful resource. They have lots of wonderful varieties with interesting backgrounds and family stories. They’re a must for southern gardeners interested in plants that thrive in that climate and are heirlooms. I’ve yet to grow a plant from them I didn’t like.

    Southern Bulb Company is another favorite. They offer heirloom bulbs gathered from old homesteads and gardens that thrive with the minimum of care. They also have a super email list that features a different currently blooming bulb each week of the year with lots of good info.

    Native American Seed is one that’s new to me that I’m excited to try. A couple of native plant enthusiast friends introduced it to me and I’m looking forward to growing their products in the future. They have wonderful offerings of native plants, from wildflowers to grasses, as well as mixes.

    It’s not a seed company except for bulbs, but High Country Gardens has super starts and plants for water wise and xeriscape gardens, especially fun variety selections with agastache and other beloved-by-hummingbird varieties and ground covers.

  14. Tony Fisk on

    Check out J. L. Hudson Seedsman at
    Quirky, cool catalogue with excellent customer service and varieties you might not find anywhere else. Not geared toward cut flowers, but lots of obscure plants.

  15. Marie Lincoln on

    Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island sells seed for their improved varieties of Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) as well as dark colored nicotiana, sweet peas and dahlias from their breeding program. They are a rare plant specialty nursery/grower since 2005.

  16. Joanne Hund on

    Like so many of you, I enjoy supporting small seed companies offering high quality seeds, especially when they are in my growing region. I love the seeds of Deep Harvest Farm and Seeds on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

  17. Ruth on

    I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for where to get papyrus seeds? I need to replace a plant that died and thought to try from seed.

  18. Larry B. on

    Fedco Seeds in Maine! They have the best catalog ever, and for 45 years they’ve stood up for seed-savers rights. This year they announced that they will no longer offer seed varieties that come from Syngenta because the corporation’s business practices pose unacceptable threats to the environment and to the health of the seed industry as a whole. I love Fedco’s transparency, humor and consistency.

  19. Beth Tuttle on

    Thanks for all this info! Wild Dreams Farm and Seeds is our lovely local Vashon Island seed source. Northwest Meadowscapes has seeds native to our region and an amazing informative website.

  20. Ashley on

    Northwest Meadowscapes is my favorite for PNW native wildflowers and grasses. They are a small local company.

  21. Erika Clarke on

    Canadian seed company & farm! Sow Local Seeds. We (my toddlers and I), produce vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

    Breeding blush zinnias. We’re launching a flower seed saving podcast this year. @sowlocalseeds on social and you can shop our online seed catalog at

  22. Kelsie Reeh on

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these!
    The Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas is another wonderful family owned seed farm that focuses on a wide variety of wildflower seeds and grasses. It’s such a wonderful place to visit!

  23. Laura Hoyt on

    Prairie Moon Nursery is an indispensable source of high quality native plans. Their online planning tools are easy to use, to make sure you’re getting the right seeds for your area, weather, soil conditions etc

  24. George Orser on

    wow! What a resource, thank you so much for sharing this with us! May you spirits remain high and your Skagit river water levels Low~George

  25. Diane on

    Amazingly thorough! What a great resource for us. Love reading the comments about each company and checking out their websites.

  26. Tamar Groffman on

    Pinetree Garden Seeds is a Maine company that sells some quirky varieties along with tried and true standards. They sell less expensive small packets of quality seeds. Here’s a link – Victory Seeds primarily sells vegetable seeds. They are associated with an amazing international Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project, all their research is open source. Victory offers a small selection of seeds of flowers Lewis and Clark collected. Here are links to Victory and the Tomato Project .
    I live in Albuquerque – 2 regional seed sources are Sandia Seeds, offering about a gazillion pepper seeds and many heirloom tomatoes,
    and Plants of the Southwest located in ABQ, offering many many native varieties from a number of eco zones and heat tolerant vegetables. Their catalog is an education in itself.

  27. Katie Pence on

    Wonderful ! Thank you for supporting small seed companies ! Getting it out there for us to support them.
    I really like Pinetree Garden Seed co Maine. Also Salt Springs Seed Co in Canada.

  28. Beth on

    Veggie And Flower Garden Seeds is a Tasmanian seed company that offers a fantastic range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds! Lots of hard-to-find varieties and their seed quality is outstanding!❤️

  29. Joy Stanford on

    What a fabulous selection of seed sellers and so nice to see so many New Zealand based sellers. I’ll have to try some of the sellers I didn’t know about. Thank you

  30. Cynthia Petrick on

    What a fabulous selection. Thank you. Do you have some dahlia tuber recommendations. The ones I purchased last year were diseased and some didn’t look viable and didn’t sprout. I’m starting all over. Thank you, Cynthia

  31. Jillian Harris on

    Very disappointing that Floret was only able to find 5 worthy seed companies in Canada for this post, two of which are not even in Canada and already mentioned under US Resources. Someone has not done their homework obviously.

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      If you have any recommendations we’d love to hear them!

  32. Nancy on

    I am in a garden club in Hansville, WA. This group has been meeting since the 60s. As i moved here in 2019, I had a lot of learning to do. Your website has been an inspiration, filled with stories and information that has helped so many. I will be using this seed company list for myself and will share it with my garden club members. Thank you for all you do to help us out here in the gardens.

  33. Aubrey on

    I absolutely love the options of Hudson Valley Seed Co, a lot of great organic options – and they also feature artists who design some of the packs!

  34. Janet K on

    Thank you so much for this list! I love buying seeds & this year am starting a bunch of new to me plants that I am excited to start!

  35. Brenda on

    Thanks so much for posting this! All this info is great and I will be spending many happy hours looking over all these seed companies!

  36. Merrilee Runyan on

    We have Wild Dreams Farm ( here on Vashon Island, Washington. Seeds grown on Jennifer’s farm, all open pollinated and grown organically. She has vegetables, herbs and flowers. And thanks for this wonderful post – locally grown seed is so important and supporting seed growers is one of the very best things we can do.

  37. Heather on

    What a treasure trove of information! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  38. Betsy B. on

    I second the recommendation of Prairie Moon Seeds – not only do they have a huge variety of seeds, but their website is basically an encyclopedia of native plants.

    Hudson Valley Seeds has a wonderful selection, and they work with artists to create the most beautiful seed packs.

    I was also excited to discover The Buffalo Seed Company, which sells seeds grown or collected in the Midwest. That is a huge help to know that these seeds are already tested and successful in this climate.

  39. ann dorte fabris on

    Absolutely delightful information. What a treasure trove to have access to on this very snowy week in Ontario Canada! I would love to recommend 2 seed wonderful seed companies from Ontario. Antonia Valente flowers and Stems Flower Farm. Beautiful selections local to me but also shipping to US. Thankyou for all your valuable information.

  40. sonya peterson on

    Prairie Moon Nursery in Minnesota is an amazing resource for native perennial seeds. From their website: “]Prairie Moon] provide[s] the largest native plant collection available for retail sales in the United States. With a network of growers across the Midwest, we supply over 700 North American species. Our seeds and plants have been used by national parks, local municipalities, corporate planners, teachers, farmers, and backyard gardeners.”

  41. Rachel Samuels on

    Ontario, Canada
    I ordered some packets from Seeds of IMBOLC this year. They offer “LOCALLY GROWN heirloom seeds and plants grown naturally chemical free” in Wellington County, Ontario (Fergus). (Only shipping to Canada)
    They have cut flowers, veggies, chrysanthemums, and dahlias.

    Also ordered more from ; they have such pretty selections!

  42. Tara Craig on

    What a great list! Thank you! I’ve ordered from a few of the Canadian ones listed and love them. I also order from Whistling Prairie Flowers Dawn is so lovely and the seeds and bulbs she offers are always beautiful!

  43. Hanna on

    I would love to learn about some growers in Costa Rica or other Central and South American countries.

  44. Nelz on

    I also love Geo seeds. They have a huge variety for flower seeds at the best price overall 🙌

  45. Jojo on

    Virginia-based Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a great company that sells lots of non-gmo, heirloom and organic seeds, many suitable for the South.

  46. Linda Bradley on

    Thanks for putting this list together. It is very helpful. One other seed company that I use and like very much is Redemption Seeds
    They have flowers, food, grasses and herbs with heirlooms as a significant feature.

  47. Fiona on

    They will ship! You need to register as a small seed importer with APHIS which takes 30 mins to fill in the form and a day to two to be approved. I’ve ordered twice from Chiltern in the last year and both times it took about 2 weeks for seeds to arrive.

  48. Bec Shelley on

    Our small Australian family run seed store stocks huge range of cut flower seeds, some hard to find varieties and amazing Australian native wildflowers. I am currently growing some of the wonderful Dr Keith Hammett’s sweet pea varieties for seed.

  49. Ken Kraus on

    Any idea if/when Chiltern Seeds will ship to the US? They stopped two years ago.

  50. Brenda Farrell on

    Wild seed Fredericksburg, Texas. 200 acre wildflower seed farm with beautiful backdrops for pictures throughout the year.

  51. Sovannry on

    Thank you Floret,for the good addresses to add in my list,besides Muller Seeds, Seedaholic ,as a small scale grower, I am also fond of Happy Green Shop (Irland) and of course Baumaux base in France,they have such a great selection of veggie and flowers seeds for passionate gardeners and growers where I order from regularly .

  52. Janet Bailey on

    J.L. Hudson, from California, offers a good selection of open-pollinated and heirloom annual and perennial seeds. Some are hard-to-find and unique species and cultivars. Good prices help in building collections.

  53. J on

    Salt Spring Seeds is one of my fav, there’s also Heritage Harvest (Canada only)

  54. Wild on

    Love Lisa Ziegler at The Gardeners Workshop! She wrote to book on Hardy Annuals called, Cool Flowers and also sells seed, tools and online courses!!!! Customer service is outstanding too!

  55. Laura Moser on

    San Diego Seed for drought adapted flower, herb, home garden seeds, good website and YouTube channel, good for learning basics.

  56. Janet on

    Thank you for sharing this info- going to order some catalogs now!

  57. Sharon Mirtaheri on

    Also Outside Pride in the Us is one of the places I order from a lot. And Pine Tree although they aren’t as generous with the amount of seeds.

  58. Sharon Mirtaheri on

    I have ordered some delicious varieties of Thalictrum from Plant World in the Uk and very happy with the company.

  59. Deborah A Miller on

    I love your generosity in sharing all this information. It’s a lot of work to gather it all and then have the heart to share it with the world. I hope everyone here appreciates what you do, I certainly do. Thank you.

  60. Jolene Cetak on

    I’ve been looking for information on harvesting seeds from my current flowers. Can you point me in the right direction?

  61. Joann Grey on

    I bought Earl Grey sweet peas from you last Fall. They are a stand out. Thank you.
    All my sweet peas took forever to grow and have only been blooming the last 2 weeks. (In the Canadian San Juans). Totally didn’t count on no rain since early April.

  62. Shivam Kamaji on

    Amazing information, if you need any information on how to grow plants an vegetables healthier and stronger with the help of botanical bio- pesticide, do check us out at Green Era Agri Innovations.

  63. Olivia Gillig on

    Two of my favorites are Lisa Mason Zeigler’s Gardner’s Workshop Farm – the sell only what they use and are all about education! I’ve also loved Redemption Seeds.

  64. Jewels L💙 on

    ~Outside Pride~
    Many regular packet and bulk seeds. Hard to find grasses and old herbs. Prices and quantities can’t be beat. From flowers to vegetables everything I have ordered has been quality and prolific. At times seeds may be out of stock however, they provide a wait list. This company ALWAYS notifies their wait list customers when their seeds are back in stock for purchase and in a timely manner. Great turn around time for shipping as well.

  65. Kerin-Lea Hall on

    Australia’s Sweet Pea Specialist’s is one of the few seed farms in Australia. All of our seeds are grown by hand sorted by hand and packaged by hand. We have four farms in Tasmania all owned and managed by horticulturists. Our farms are organic and sustainable. We are no ordinary seed farm. We have an extensive range of sweet peas and specialise in the cut flower varieties. We also grow a large range of other seeds for flower farmers home gardens and kitchen gardens. Plus we grow our seeds for our annual tube stock sale. Australia’s Sweet Pea Specialist’s are registered exporters with our seeds being sold and grown around the world.

  66. Michael on


    Small quantity seed provider on the island
    L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, Quebec

  67. Sandhill Bloomers on

    Thank you for this post. We use so many of these companies and cannot say enough about how much we appreciate them. Last season, I discovered Redemption Seeds, a small family owned business. They have a great selection and impeccable customer service. Their seeds arrive soon after ordering and I’ve been very happy with the quality.

  68. Jackie McDaniel on

    Which fillers would you choose for a September 30th wedding?? Thank you!! Jackie

  69. Leslie on

    I came upon the Hudson Valley Seed company, when exploring for new items to grow in my garden. The straw flower and edible flower collections were great fun this summer and very successful. There is nothing like the color of blue bachelor buttons popping up through a brilliant orange and yellow nasturtium explosion. A riot of color not only in the garden and also on the dinner table! Thank you nature for your brilliance and inspiration!

  70. Bonnie on

    Might be worth mentioning that virtually none of the UK companies listed ship to the US anymore? Chiltern seeds was one of my favorite places to order from for years, but they also stopped shipping to the US.

  71. Phoebe @organicallygrowing on

    Hi! I’d like to suggest one more addition to this incredible(!) list… Kitazawa Seed Co based in CA. They’ve been selling seed since 1917 and specialize in Asian greens and veggies. Japanese American farmers are a big part of why CA is the Ag powerhouse it is today (the reason why we don’t have those Japanese-American farms today is because we stole their land and forced them into internment camps during the war), and Kitazawa represents a lot of that hard earned knowledge and skill. Plus, really cool varieties you can’t find anywhere else!

  72. Sheetal on

    Hi I from India . I want flowers seed. Plz tell me how can I order?

  73. Sharole on

    I would love to get on this list! We are a micro farm in Alberta Canada ( growing some heirloom annual flower seeds!

  74. Erma on

    Geo Seeds in Hodges, SC. All by sientific name but great selection and prices.

  75. Beth Zalotockyj on

    “Veggie Garden Seeds” in Tasmania offer a huge range of beautiful cut flower, herb and vegetable seeds for the Australian market. They’re now my go-to supplier for all my garden seeds!💚

  76. Peta Alford on

    Thank you so much for sharing resources that are available in Australia. I live in Tasmania and use Southern Harvest regularly, in fact obsessively.
    I wanted to share a new favourite resource for flowers, herbs & veggies, based in Hobart.
    It’s called Veggie Garden Seeds & I highly recommend. Great variety, beautiful presentation and local, which I love! They also have rubies for dahlias and peonies if you can get an order in before they sell out. I also have lots of local growers who will sell excess stock via Instagram & find this a great way to get involved in the garden loving community.

    Thank you again for inspiring so many to create beauty around them, you are the best kind of superhero

    Link for seeds:

  77. Julie on


  78. Laurie on

    Outside Pride has a tremendous offering of flower seeds. Located in Independence, Oregon.

  79. Sue Randolph on

    Fedco in Clinton, Maine. Vegetables, flowers, potatoes and trees.

  80. Ashley on

    Back To Dirt Farm is another great seed source. They specialize in sweet pea seeds and are located in Sequim,WA.

  81. Susan Kulis on

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. Are you familiar with Turtle Tree Seeds? Their seeds (flower, veg and herb) are biodynamic and open-pollinated. They work in collaboration with Camphill Village, a community “where people with developmental differences are living a life of dignity, equality and purpose.”

  82. Tamar C Groffman on

    I have purchased seed from Pinetree Seeds in rural Maine for 35 years. They offer reliable seed for a good range of varieties. I particularly like that they sell small quantities at very reasonable prices allowing me to feel freer to try something new.

  83. Aleena on

    Another great Australian seed supplier is Boondie Seeds. They love the rare, unusual and heirloom.

  84. Lisa Jacobson on

    My daughter and I love Sow True Seeds in Asheville, NC. I have copied this from their web site.

    Founded in 2008 by lifelong gardener and food activist Carol Koury, Sow True Seed was created to preserve our shared botanical heritage and grow a new era of ecological wisdom.

    We support independent, regional agricultural initiatives that foster a vibrant, sustainable economy, and true food sovereignty. And we are committed to growing our awareness and actions to honor the heritage of our seeds, the diverse people and places that have contributed to our collective abundance. Sow True will encourage equity in agriculture, making sure to promote all farmers’ voices.

    Based in the glorious mountains of Western North Carolina – home to a temperate rain forest and one of the most biologically diverse areas of North America – We are proud to work with farmers in our Katuah Bioregion who ensure the survival of heirloom varieties that would otherwise become extinct.

    Thank you for growing with us!

  85. Nadia on

    Hi there,
    I feel that people who follow Floret Farms in a way are here to sell flowers at some point so I’m not sure why anyone would ever suggest or support Adele flowers in South Africa because she has a claus on her flowers, bulbs and seeds. They are sold to look pretty in your garden and not to ever be sold to anyone, flower or seed. She has the majority stake in dahlias and wouldn’t let anyone else have the opportunity to sell to her level. Unless you import your own.

  86. Seed Works on

    SeedWorks is committed towards delivering unique and value driven products for diverse Indian geography and segments. With our research capabilities, and rigorous processes we have built a strong portfolio catering to need of cotton growers.

    Website –

  87. marguerite geagan on

    Fedco Seeds in Maine, Southern Exposure in Virginia, and Strictly Medicinal Seeds out of Oregon are three of my favorite seed sources. Highly recommend!

  88. Gina Covina on

    Please consider including Open Circle Seeds, We’re a small certified organic women-owned seed company in northern California, growing vegetables, herbs, and a small but expanding range of flower seed. All the seed we sell is grown and packaged on our farm. We specialize in versatile short-season varieties that hold up well under heat stress. Thanks for this fabulous directory!

  89. Keith on

    Thank you for recommending Ivy Garth Seeds! Customer service and selection is top notch!

  90. Joana Rosa on

    Hi !
    Thank you to gather such an huge amount of information!

    In UK, there is as well Seed Cooperative, and Tamar organics
    They both sell organic open pollinated seeds, and in my opinion the plants are quite resilient and adapted to a great range of UK weathers.
    For some native and wild varieties there is Heritage Wild Flowers,

    Your seed start- starting is a great mini, compact course! Thanks!

  91. Anna Mac on

    What a fantastic list! Thank you so much.

    I found a brilliant website called “My Cottage Garden” with really unusual kinds of seeds. The poppy “Amazing Grey” is breathtaking and I hadn’t seen the sweet pea “Almost Black” before. And Sarah is just lovely. Definitely worth checking out on (the seeds are under “Blütenträume”). Love, // Anna

  92. Anna MacDougall on

    What a fantastic list! Thank you so much.

    I found a brilliant website called “My Cottage Garden” with really unusual kinds of seeds. The poppy “Amazing Grey” is breathtaking and I hadn’t seen the sweet pea “Almost Black” before. And Sarah is just lovely. Definitely worth checking out on (the seeds are under “Blütenträume”). Love, // Anna

  93. Barbara on

    Berlin Seeds
    They are an Amish seed company out of Ohio so no website. You can call and request a catalog. Large variety of vegetables, flowers, garden products and more. Truly one of my top seed companys.

  94. Jane Sherrott on

    There is a marvelous list of BC Seed growers who really care about nurturing and restoring the earth while they grow seed for marvelous varieties of vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. They share, they support, they care…

    Among my favourite are BC Eco Seeds (a co-op of 20 small BC farms), Satinflower (grower of real wildflower seed for plants native to BC and the PNW), Salt Spring Seeds (everyone who grows organically knows Saltspring Seeds and the owner’s commitment to the field), Full Circle Seeds (field buzzing with bees and butterflies, interplanting…it’s all there to develop a vibrant ecosystem).

  95. Ava on

    In Belgium Vitale Rassen offers the seeds of the beautiful Fleur Couleur flowers.

    Honest, breathtaking & with lots of love for the biodiversity!

    Worth mentioning for sure!

  96. Cam on

    My “same” comment was in response to Suzanne Elliot’s post! Sorry for any confusion.

  97. Cam on

    Same thing happened to me too! I’d also love to know when more might be released. Thanks so much!

  98. Louise on

    You should add to the list of sources in Europe. This shop is in Denmark and has wonderful high quality seeds.

  99. Chrisje on

    Hello! I’ve been a long time fan already over a couple of years now. It was your instagram account that triggered me to also start my own flower business.
    For those in Europe that would also like to buy flower seeds – I’ve got a selection on my website

    Many thanks
    Chrisje from Tuinkabouter Chrisje – Belgium

  100. Suzanne “Sam” Elliott on

    I see you said you aren’t releasing all your seeds for sale at once, which is happy news — I hope. I tried to order from your sale today (twice) and your site wouldn’t let me actually finish checking out. When I tried the second time a couple hours later, I saw that many of my first selections were now sold out— so I made substitutions, but had the same result at checkout. I assume your site was just slammed. Anyway, is there a certain date that your held back seeds will be offered? I hope to try again. Thanks for any info you can offer.

  101. Nehal Kangad on

    Amazing collection!

    The one from India doesn’t sell any seeds anymore unfortunately. After looking for so long, I have found one seller ‘’, who provides few varieties for cut flower seeds. They have good collection for home garden.
    They import the seeds and sell them in very small quantities so prices are a little higher compared to local seeds, but quality seems great in my experience.

    I am still looking for other resources in India for seeds of cut flower varieties, so any suggestions would be great. Thank you!😄

  102. Cynthia Lemmon on

    Just going to toss this one out there. I love all flowers but am particularly fond of wild flowers. I love visiting here. If you ever visit this direction you might like them.

  103. Jacqui on

    Thanks for providing such a comprehensive list of seed companies! I’d like to recommend ‘Transition Farm’ seeds in Australia. They grow biodynamic and organic seed. I was a member of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for many years and love how much they care for and respect the land. This year I tried their seed and I was absolutely blown away by the great results! It is so great to find locally-produced seed of such variety and quality.

  104. AJ Linke on

    Marlo would you please share a link to the Do It Yourself website? I can’t seem to find it online. Thank you!

  105. Susan Duguid on

    Thank-you for your list. I found West Coast Seeds last night as I wanted something BC based as I am in Port Moody, and ordered my first ever seeds for wild flowers, partial shade wildflowers, tomatoes, tomatillos (I am going to try, I gained an addiction to these living in NM and CO), basil, and rye grass. I have never gardened before! The tomatoes I will start in a container? It is snowing here! Again, like Christmas, like it did all the years for Santa when I was growing up. I am also going to try a solar panel for charging phones and I-pads. Will see how living in a rainforest affects it all. I am looking forward to your growing flowers seed course in February.

  106. Sushmitha Sundararaman on

    What a fantastic collection of seed sources! Thank you. Its going to occupy me for hours just looking through each of them. I just ordered my seeds from Floret today :)

    I love the collections at Chiltern and Sarah Raven, unfortunately they don’t ship to the US anymore. Few of my favorites for flowers are Northwest Meadowscapes, Prairie Moon Nursery for pollinator friendly garden and native plants that doesn’t just look pretty but ecologically help increase biodiversity. And I use Baker Creek, Territorial Seed Company for vegetables. They have great varieties that grow well esp for PNW weather.

  107. Marloes on

    The small Dutch seed company and cutting garden Do It Yourselves. They grow a varietie of 50 different cutting flowers, and sell them in beautiful handdrawn floral packages. They are specialized in growing flowers for pollination.

  108. Rijk Bos Bloemen on

    Vitale Rassen from Belgium is my favorite. Biological seeds full of vitality. The flowers are so beautiful! And also special, Vitale Rassen doesn’t want to lock up their seeds in property rights. These seeds and their genetic characteristics will not belong to anyone specifically, and therefore they belong to everyone, to the community. How beautiful and sustainable is that!

  109. Janie on

    Sow True Seeds in Asheville, NC–good people, good seeds

  110. Robin Koster on

    Transition Farm located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia offers certified biodynamic and organic flower, herb and vegetable seed for the home and market grower. Their packets include precise growing information and they have a resource page to try ensure seed starting success.

  111. Kate Harrison on

    San Diego Seed Company. They are local organic, non gmo seeds. They have grown superbly in our garden. Highly recommend.

  112. Lori Gross on

    Prairie Moon Nursery based in Winona, Minnesota is my favorite source for native wildflower and grass seeds as well as potted native plants. They provide extensive information on site selection and growing information as well.

  113. Rachel Hlay on

    I also love Hudson Valley Seed Company – I like their art packs that showcase a range of artists to beautifully depict an image inspired by the variety. They make new auto full gifts with a pair of gloves and some plant markers.

  114. Carla on

    I just see you forgot Italy!In Milan we have very good esperience with Ingegnoli seeds, a Company established in 1817!

  115. Amy Harmsen on Western Colorado featuring seeds for high elevation desert conditions.

  116. SheHult on

    I am absolutely over the moon to have this list as a resource. Thank you for putting it together, and being an endless inspiration!

  117. Peggy on

    Thank you so much Erin for sharing. I am from France. I can add to your excellent list The Kokopelli association was founded by fervent defenders of biodiversity and medicinal plants. It distributes royalty-free and reproducible seeds and provides communities in countries exploited by the West with the tools to regain their seed autonomy, and therefore their food supply. It fulfils many other useful missions for the planet and for people.

  118. Lenore Messick on

    Impecta Fröhandel in Sweden is great. They have a great selection of flowers for cutting – particularly China asters – and lots of Nordic wildflowers.
    In Denmark, Spirekassen, Albinus Frø and Susannes Blomster Café offer a great selection of flowers for cutting as well.

  119. Marianne on

    I have no words to thank You! Great that you have written down seed companies in Europe. We outside UK have big problems to find seeds after Brexit. UK seeds are so good and big variety.

  120. Cynthia Konicke on

    I really try to purchase seeds from the Northwest, when I can. I love the Farmhouse Flower Farm for sweet peas. I took Marin’s class last winter and it was so Informative and fun.

    I’ve enjoyed getting seeds from Redemption Seeds. They have a great “Growing Kindness” bundle that includes the basics for a cutting garden and a portion of the sales goes to The Growing Kindness Project. They attach sweet notes to your package and it feels like you’re getting a gift from a friend. I also like Irish Eyes in Ellensberg for my potatoes, garlic and veg.

  121. Laurie Beardsley on

    Erin, what a great resource! You’ve missed a great one though. Redemption Seeds at They have an awesome selection of unique and rare flowers as well as ornamental grasses. Such fun to shop for new varieties! Thank you!

  122. Cathy on

    Jung Seed Company out of Randolph, Wisconsin.

  123. Martha Faella on

    Fedco Seeds and Supplies, Clinton ME 04927
    Pinetree Garden Seeds, New Gloucester ME 04260
    A few others I use since grow in RI

  124. Jacqueline Greenham on

    Thank you so much for your generosity. I will enjoy looking at these. A couple of other UK Sources include:

  125. DDL on

    Full Belly Farm! We have so many happy memories of the Hoes downs we attended when our kids were small. You made handmade ice cream for all comers! Thank you for all of it!

  126. Dru Rivers on

    Thank you so much for making this list available for us cut flower growers! Some of our favorites: Wild Garden Seed in Philomath Oregon, Geo Seed (which I noticed is not mentioned), Baker Creek Heirloom Seed , Redemption Seed and Adaptive Seeds. Thanks again from Full Belly Farm.

  127. Katurah Hein on

    Silver Falls Seeds based in Silverton Oregon, grows a wide variety of flowers, native wildflowers, grasses and grains. They provide flower mixes, forage pasture, and lawn mixes. A great resource for the PNW gardener.

  128. Nell Bednarz on

    Native American Seed can be found online at They specialize in native wildflowers, and are based in southwest Texas near the town of Junction, on the headwaters of the Llano River. They also have native grass seeds, and seed mixes to reestablish native vegetation across a wide range of habitats (since Texas spans a wide range of conditions). They are committed to healing the earth and working to save wildlife flora and fauna, such as the Monarch Butterfly. Phone number is 1-800-728-4043. They are my source for Texas Bluebells, Showy Primrose, Texas Bluebonnets, and many other native wildflowers.

  129. Lisa on

    Oh my, so much overwhelming information to research during the long, cold days of winter in anticipation. Two other Canadian options would be Antonio Valente Flowers and Unicorn Blooms @ Both have a nice selection of seeds, tubers and bulbs for cutting gardens and garden beauty.

  130. Jeanie Gray on

    I feel I have had difficulty getting seeds from overseas, in the past. I think it is due to the possibility of importing seeds that might carry disease or have the potential to be invasive. Have you come across this problem.
    Thanks, Jeanie

  131. Robina on

    More small-scale flower seed producers in South Africa:

    Adene’s Farm Flowers –
    The Flower Cartel –
    Jamestown Flower Farm –
    Living Seeds Heirloom Seeds (mainly vegetable seed but growing range of flower seeds) –

  132. Kerstin on

    Erin, I am extremely grateful for your list of European seed sellers! I’ve been looking for weeks to find certain seeds and thought I could only get it in the USA as I couldn’t google any local vendors (meaning I couldn’t find them on Google!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  133. shannon martin on

    Kitazawa Seed Co. Non-GMO Asian vegetable seeds in business for over 100 years. Oakland CA.

  134. Leanne Frohloff on

    Australia’s Sweet Pea Specialists, they supply more than sweet peas and all plants are grown in Queensland and Tasmania, chemical free and seeds are hand harvested.

  135. Dianna on

    I forgot to mention Mary’s Heirloom Seeds.

  136. Dianna on

    What a great list– you included many of my favorites, and I found lots of new ones to try! Some others that I like: Seeds for Generations, Migardener, Outside Pride, Sweetyards, Park Seeds.

  137. Kristen on

    San Diego Seed Company is a wonderful company serving growers in Zones 9 & 10 and beyond!

  138. Mo Sloane on

    I second the recommendations for Fedco and Kitazawa! Both outstanding companies, and if you love greens you must check out Kitazawa. Very popular in San Juan Island gardens; our local hardware store carries their seeds.

    Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island:
    Certified organic, open-pollinated and non-GMO veggies and flowers selected for the maritime PNW climate. Their “Salt & Pepper” cucumber is the best cuke I’ve ever tasted. Grow it every year.

    And please check out Victory Seeds company in Molalla, OR:
    They are the west coast seed supplier for the Dwarf Tomato Project – they have seeds for nearly all of the varieties developed so far. I’m a big fan of dwarf tomatoes – they were bred for flavor!
    They are dedicated to open-pollinated, non-GMO, heirloom varieties and promoting biodiversity. A wide variety of veggies, flowers, herbs, grains and tobacco.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  139. ann dorte fabris on

    Stems flower farm and Edgebrook Farms Curated Seeds in Cookstown Ontario. Lots of lovely annuals and more.

  140. Deb on

    Hudson Valley Seed Company!

  141. Sue on

    I’ve successfully ordered from the Seedstead Heirloom Seed Company. They have a great selection of African tree, flower and vegetable seeds as well as more common seeds.

  142. Jenny Figgins on

    Redemption seeds !!! Wonderful company . Non – gmo seeds . Micro greens , edibles , flowers etc. good customer service and the packets have all the important info .

  143. Kevin Goodwin on

    I would highly recommend J & L Gardens from New Mexico, U.S. An absolute must for fabulous tomatoes and innovative peppers, J&L is home to over 500 varieties of tomatoes and rare vegetables from a rich heritage of heirloom and open pollinated types. For 30 years they have farmed in the upper Rio Grande river valley near Espanola, New Mexico. In addition to their specialty tomatoes (over 140 varieties) and peppers, they breed and raise native beans and corn, melons, cucumbers, specialty potatoes and garlic. All their garden vegetables and fruit are raised using traditional, natural methods.

  144. Kevin Goodwin on

    I would highly recommend J & L Gardens. An absolute must for fabulous tomatoes and innovative peppers. J&L is home to over 500 varieties of tomatoes and rare vegetables from a rich heritage of heirloom and open pollinated types. For 30 years they have farmed in the upper Rio Grande river valley near Espanola, New Mexico. In addition to their specialty tomatoes (over 140 varieties) and peppers, they breed and raise native beans and corn, melons, cucumbers, specialty potatoes and garlic. All their garden vegetables and fruit are raised using traditional, natural methods.

  145. Nikki on

    Pennard plants in uk offer heirloom varieties ( mostly edibles) and real seeds also uk provide fantastic free seed saving resources alongside their veg seeds

  146. The Gardenpath Flowers on

    We are a small flower farm in Manitoba just south of Winnipeg, and we order seeds from Stokes Seeds in Ontario, as well as T&T Seeds right here in Manitoba.

  147. Jane Schraceo on

    We love this list! Thank you for such a great variety of seed companies… we’d love to add our favorite to your list:
    Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg Texas ( We are northern transplants to Texas and they have been our go-to for learning how to grow a beautiful landscape (with native flowers and grasses) in this somewhat unforgiving heat and poor soil!
    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and resources so generously… you are touching lives with beauty every day!

  148. Glennis on

    Fabulous list. I’m going to have many great days going through some of these. I could add Plant World Seeds, which I have relied on for unusual seeds for a long time, and they post all around the world. They even offer seeds of Gladiolus Tristis, which I have always thought a fabulous cut flower (and nothing like the regular glads), but never see it mentioned by florists.

  149. Miriam Goldberger on

    Erin – Thank you so much for this great international resource. I am surprised you’ve not included my Canadian seed company Wildflower Farm. For 30 years we have been a trusted supplier of wildflower seeds, native grasses and our drought-tolerant, low maintenance turf grass, Eco-Lawn to Canadians and Americans. As well, my book, Taming Wildflowers – celebrates the use of wildflowers as cut flowers – a valuable resource for growers and designers.

  150. Kate on

    Susie Ripley in Dunedin, NZ, also has a lovely collection and beautifully drawn packaging ❤️

  151. Barbara Stapper on

    Franchi is an Italian seed company. Many of their seeds are available from
    I have enjoyed their basil, S.Anna pole beans, Anaheim chilis, Italian sweet red peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, and Italian ribbed zucchinis.

  152. Jackie on

    Thank you for compiling this incredible list, Erin! I found many old favorites along with plenty of new companies/catalogs to explore but it’s missing my all time favorite, Fedco Seeds in Clinton, Maine. I’ve been purchasing seeds from Fedco for 20+ years and have always had great experience/success. I love Fedco for many reasons including the fact they specialize in varieties for northern growers and short growing seasons, they’re a seed cooperative owned by their customers and employees, they’re a signatory of the “Safe Seed Pledge”, which commits them to selling non GMO seed (they have an expanding organic section), they indicate the size of the farm which supplies each variety of seed they sell so you can choose to further support small farm operations as well as indicate which varieties are cold hardy which is helpful if you’re attempting 4-season gardening.

    Fedco’s catalog is simply pen and ink drawings on newsprint but is chock full of historical information I have not found elsewhere. The seed packets are plain too but they offer multiple sizes making their seeds very affordable. I usually start with Fedco and look to others for more unusual varieties they don’t yet carry. Fedco has a catalog for seeds, trees, and one for bulbs too.

  153. Marcia Harrington on

    Hi Erin and team Floret! Wondering if there’s a reason you don’t show GeoSeed or Ball? They are go-to suppliers for many classic and unusual cut varieties. Also a few specialties: One Stop Poppy Shop, Flytrap King for sarracenia, and Richters Herbs in Canada ships both seeds and plants to the US.

  154. Denise on

    Yes thanks for sharing, generously. Will file all these wonderful seed sites, to ponder & plan. From snowy Whidbey Island WA…

  155. Genevieve Haberly on

    Erin, thank you for this thoughtful timely list. Great stuff for the beginning of the year. Happy New Year and prosperous wishes for your farm and family.

  156. Katie on

    Great list! Fedco Seeds has been my go-to for years. Their prices are the best I’ve seen most anywhere, enormous selection, they are passionate about crop diversification and marketing only non-GMO seeds, and they have a killer network of test growers who refine their varieties so that only the best make it into catalog (loooove reading their catalog descriptions….makes me want to buy everything!) I love them especially since we are in a zone 4 that experiences the same short growing seasons and harsh winters as Maine, so I can rely on their varieties to thrive here in Idaho.

  157. HSB on

    I recently discovered Prairie Moon Nursery. They have some lots of different seeds, focus on a lot of natives, and have an excellent filtering system in place so you can find seeds specifically for your needs. I think they would be a good addition to your list.

  158. Sarah on

    I’ve had great success with the wildflower mixes from Vermont Wildflower Farm and what was planted years ago is a reliable perennial wildflower patch in my yard. I visited their location several years ago and they have a lovely walking trail in the woods and nice retail shop where you can purchase seed.

  159. Krista Trommer on

    This is a great list. Chiltern won’t mail to the US anymore, though…just wanted to put that out there. I was so disappointed. I used to order from them all the time. :(

  160. Joan on

    Another great Australian seed source is “Australia’s sweet pea specialists”. They sell gawler sweet peas (ideal for warm climate growers) and a whole lot more- not just sweet peas!

  161. Sue F. on

    Prairie Moon Nursery in Winona, Mn is THE place for native seeds!! Excellent customer service, experts in the field, and I have had great success with their seeds. This is a small company, and the attention to detail shows. They really know their products, and are extremely helpful helping choose the best seeds and explaining how to grow them. I have not had as much success (or satisfaction) with mega companies like Select Seeds or Johnny’s (won’t order again from either).

  162. Shelly Stock on

    Very exciting! I’m “vision” boarding as we speak. We got 4 more inches of snow last night. Too bad I live on Queen Anne and need to stay home-Ha!!! Thanks for some new resources.

  163. Kristi Hein on

    Looking out at our fresh snowfall, and a Varied Thrush (a rare treat), but visions of colorful flowers dance in my head! Oh, Floret! I now have dozens of tabs open on my browser and one order placed . . . so far.

  164. Greg on

    Thank you for putting together this extensive list and then sharing it! I want to echo the comments about Hudson Valley Seed Company/Library and about Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I have worked with both groups for years, and I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of the seeds AND the quality of the advice/knowledge shared. Consistent results, consistent quality. And they are just really nice people! Thanks again, enjoy the snow and all the best in 2022!

  165. Anne Maria on

    This is fantastic! What a wonderful gift to to explore on a very snowy morning in Everett, WA. Refilling my coffee cup now and diving into this bounty of information!
    Thanks so much. Stay warm,

  166. ann on

    For local old fashioned landrace grains, beans and flowers adapted to maritime PNW is a wonderful place She even has Carole Deppe’s famous pop beans.
    I also ordered from a new small flower (and veggie) seed company Halden Gardens and they have a number of wonderful things and I have been very pleased.

  167. Lies on

    Hey team Floret! Based in Belgium, we grow certified organic flowerseeds now for 4 years. Together with other organic farmers we are a member of ‘Vitale rassen’. Its a group of 20 organic farmers that are each specialised in their own species/ varieties of vegetables and flowers. We (flowerfarm Fleur-Couleur) have seeds from around 100 species of flowers. You can find them on: Would be a great support for our collective to be named in the list :). Thanks a lot!

  168. Barbara May Abercrombie on

    Another vote (from Canada) for Stems Flower Farm, based in Cookstown, Ontario. Thanks for this amazing list!

  169. Stacey Messina on

    Wow! Lots to explore. Thank you so much for sharing. Love San Diego Seed Company too for regionally adapted seeds!

  170. Dawn Moss on

    What a delightful email to wake up to in this snowy morning. A great way to spend time in front of the fire.

    White Rock is blanketed with another 5” overnight and the birds are constantly at the seed feeders. Ground birds at the round of seed in the garden and the hummingbirds are even sharing on these cold days.

    My mind is filled with dreams of blooms in the coming months and I cannot wait for the daffs, tulips, iris to begin to show when this winter is eventually over. Right now they are having a lovely winter nap under their snowy blanket.

    Thank you everyone for sharing.


  171. Samantha on

    In Canada my favorite seed companies currently are Greta’s Organic Gardens, Gaia’s Organic Gardens, the Incredible Seed Company, and Stems. Lots of unique flowers and produce.

    You mentioned above a few others I really enjoy too, like Westcoast and Bakers Creek. I am excited to look into some of these new ones!

  172. Katie on

    Ivy Garth Seeds!

  173. Amy on

    Oh my goodness! What a glorious way to spend a few hours while waiting for the sun to come up so I can go shovel our rare PNW snow. Thank you for such a comprehensive list! A few beautiful seeds are now on their way to my home.

  174. Kirsten on

    I believe this one was mentioned above for tha Canada list. Stems flower farm. A family operated farm in Ontario that has a lot of great hard to find seeds. Flower seeds, veg seeds and dahlia tubers. Here is their website

  175. Charlotte Mitchell on

    Thank you for the wonderful list of seed sources. I live in the pacific north west of Canada and am always on the lookout for Canadian seed sources for those seeds that Floret cannot export out of the United States. Aside from the ones you mention, some of my favorite Canadian seed companies are as follows: Ravensong Seeds & Herbals, Stems Flower Farm, and The Incredible Seed Co. My favorite dahlia tuber source is Ferncliff Gardens. Happy garden dreaming!

  176. Inger Knudsen on

    Albinus seeds in Denmark They do not grow their own seeds and they are a little expensive But she sends a beautiful newsletter out and her selection is great
    Do not forget Richters in Canada Our own herbal place known everywhere Seeds are reasonable priced
    OSC in Canada is price conscious and who needs 500 broccoli seeds anyway?
    Seeds of Imbolic a small one-woman enterprise with her own seed- line
    Heritage seeds in Manitoba
    Salt spring Island seeds

    and I do not think Chiltern is sending seeds to America these days

  177. Trey Ellett on

    I also love Hudson Valley Seed Co. They are located in Accord, NY, and they have these gorgeous art packs where they have different artists design different types of seed packets. Gorgeous. And they also offer these gorgeous renderings in print form. Love the idea of art and seeds.

  178. Irene on

    Stems flower farm in Canada. They offer a huge variety of flower seeds.

  179. Jamie Desmond on

    Thank you for this amazing list of seed resources. For my small garden I’ve always just used Johnny’s Seeds but I may have to expand my seed options. This time of year I do spend a great day of time planning and anticipating my planting for the coming growing season. I appreciated your description of using colored pencils and graph paper and would love to see one of your planting plans. I’ve always just used a regular pencil but like the idea of colored pencils.
    Happy Planting!

  180. Nadia Stadtlander for Blooming Patches on

    Wow!! Thanks for all the places that sells seeds….appreciate it!! From South-Africa and immigrated to Canada 4 years ago!! Adene’s Farm Flowers in Wolseley in South-Africa I get my renunculus corms from and Seeds for Africa also have a nice selection of seeds and rare ones too.

  181. Deborah on

    List list is fantastic—Thank you.
    I was surprised to find Wildseed Farms in Texas not listed. I find it to be a great resource for US wildflower seeds.

  182. Vickie Murray Elkins on

    I’ve been ordering from Hudson Valley Seed Co. for a few years now, they are located in New York, they also have art seed packs and so far I’ve been pleased with my purchases.

  183. Andrea L Watkins on

    Thank you for sharing ! I have been a floral designer working in a local shop for 30 years, You inspire me to grow and produce my own flowers.
    I am finally getting married next year and my finances will be better sharing the bills with someone. I have had so many dreams for so long,
    You are such an amazing inspiration to me! Thank you so much ! May God bless you and your family! Happy New Year ! I loved the snow pictures !

    Sincerely yours,
    Andrea Watkins from N.C.

  184. Elisabeth Heftel on

    Northwest Meadowscapes! Amazing PNW native flowers, grasses, and grains along with edibles like a foragers mix and the incredibly productive polyculture blend that took over our front yard this year on an epic scale. Love this company!

  185. Sydney Allen on

    Southern Exposure Seed Exchange! Based in Mineral, VA, but they have growers throughout the South saving heirloom southern varieties, including the farmers at Berea College in KY.

  186. Amanda on

    Thank you for sharing this list!!! I saw all of my favorites except Annie’s Heirloom Seeds from WI. They offer some varieties that I can’t find anywhere else and they have great customer service!

  187. Leeann Sweers on

    Stems Flower Farm is a treasure here in Canada. I would consider them the “Floret” of Canada.

  188. Diane Varney on

    I recently ordered from Special Plants Seeds in England, and am pleased with the seed. I live in Mexico and the seed arrived at my door and I didn’t have to pay any duty! They are germinating well. Happy New Year!

  189. Rose WY on

    You’ve got all my favorite small farm seed companies in the U.S. except these two, which admittedly have small selections of flower seed, but a bunch of unique and hard to find varieties that work well in our short and extreme seasons (hi from the Methow Valley!)…

    Quail Seeds ( in Mendocino CA is owned by an incredibly dedicated woman that has been involverd in the seed industry in various ways for years. She is connected with all kinds of passionate small scale seed breeders growing very high quality seed. This is often the only place I can find some of Carol Deppe’s amazing breeding work.

    High Desert Seed & Gardens in the mountains of CO has some really lovely and strong growing seed that they are adapting well to short seasons, drought, heat and cold. If you haven’t grown Rouge Sang Violette carrots yet, you really are missing out, and this is a great place to get the seed for that.


  190. Jen on

    Stems Flower Farm here in Ontario is another great find. It’s my first stop to shop for seeds.

  191. Jennifer Joray on

    Hi, Erin! Redemption Seeds is family run and owner Michelle has been amazing to us!! She sources difficult to find varieties with a focus on cut flower perennials. She called us and we talked cut flowers for three hours one day, then she sourced some eucalyptus seed for us! She also messaged me about the zinnia shortage and I managed to get a few colors in advance on my wedding growing list. She is a fabulous ally!

  192. Wende on

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Can’t tell you how nice it is to have you share this info, altho, wholly crap I need another 2 acres. I’ve bought seeds from this company in the UK several times, fast shipping too ,,,,
    Wondering if you’ll be selling Sunflower Steve’s seeds this yr.?

  193. Renee' Carleton on

    I just received my first seed order from Redemption Seeds. The packaging is visually beautiful, not at all your standard mailer. They included a free packet of seeds and a personalized note thanking me for the order and wishing me a Happy New Year. Thanks for this amazing collection of seed sources, Erin. I hope folks out there will consider checking Redemption Seeds also. Today, December 30th, would be my mother’s 100th birthday. She loved gardening and instilled that love in me. I hope she can see all that I’m growing. I miss you, Mom!

  194. Anna on

    Echoing comments above about Hudson Valley Seeds – their art packs are stunning and they have a great selection of flowers, herbs and veggies as well as dahlia tubers! I signed up for their newsletter and it’s full of beauty and inspiration. Their blog posts are thoughtful and well written with great information and gorgeous photos.

    Kitchen Garden Seeds is wonderful. Most of you will be familiar with their sister companies, John Scheepers and Van Engelen, the bulb sellers. The seed business is just as fastidious and quality focused. They have some great varieties available and lots of info on their site about how to grow and even recipes to try.

  195. Marjolein den Hartog on

    Thanks for sharing! Especially your seed sources in Europe are very helpful, as I’m based in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to order our seeds in the UK anymore, so Seedaholic in Ireland sounds like a good alternative. I have ordered at Muller before as well, and thought they had quite a good selection of cutflowers. They’re a German company though, not Dutch… ;-)

  196. Annetta Kushner on

    I have been ordering seeds for years from two UK companies: Plant World Seeds and Special Plants, owned by Derry Watkins, an American living in the UK. I also send and receive seeds from my regional Hardy Plant Society, Mid-Atlantic Group.
    You did not mention the need to now apply for a permit to import small lots of seed into the US, USDA APHIS. Well worth the effort of applying.

  197. Nancy Marek on

    Thank you so much for posting this comprehensive list of these seed companies. Exploring these sites will get me through the winter in Minnesota😀

  198. Denise R Zito on

    Pinetree seed company, located in New Gloucester, ME, is the economical choice for vegetables and flower seeds. They are family owned and no frills, offering seed packets for the home gardener at much lower prices than other domestic companies. I always start with Pinetree and then fill in the gaps with other producers. What I don’t save myself, I order from Pinetree.

  199. Colleen on

    Hi Erin, Happy New Year. Thanks for all the joy you bring to us! I want to add that Hudson Valley Seeds has a nice assortment and they do some great artwork with their seeds. We ordered the Calendar so we could enjoy the art all year. Love your snow photos of the farm!

  200. Mary ippel on

    I love to get seed and plugs from Cardno in Walkerton Indiana. It has changed its name to Stantec. My son in law works at the Wisconsin office. Their seed is very good.

  201. BETH GILLIAM on

    Gran’s Garden Seeds in Granbury Texas. A backyard grower of vegetables, herbs and flowers with no chemicals. A collector of seeds and growing a good variety to sell. The service is excellent, see the reviews. Small company but not for long!

  202. Joy on

    Thank you for sharing. Agree with the above comment, Hudson Valley seed company. A co-op and the packets feature a variety of neat artists illustrations.

  203. Heather on

    Renee’s always look so beautiful when I see their packages! I see them on Grow Organics and I like their site. Their brand, Peaceful Valley, offers good seeds for Organic lovers.
    Thank you for this beautiful list! I always find myself buying more and more lol

  204. Alicia Condon on

    Thank you for being so generous with sharing these sources! I can’t wait to send away for many of the catalogues. Your blog is always an inspiration!

  205. Katharina on

    What a fun list to look through, thank you for the inspiration! For EU (esp Germany and Austria) Jora Dahl, located in Germany, offers a wonderful selection of specialty seeds. I have ordered multiple times from them and everything went smoothly and flowers were wonderful! is the website!

  206. Kristine Masuch on

    Another Canadian favorite of mine is Satinflower nurseries, located in Saanich on Vancouver island. Seeds and plants native to the Pacific Northwest. Organic with a good selection of seed mixes, and they will even do custom mixes .

  207. Sandy T on

    Ugh, why did I read this before starting work? All I want to do now is go to every single one of the sites you have listed above.
    Thank you so much for this list and all the information you put out!

  208. Maria Ryan on

    Happy to put my website forward, , a flower farmer based in Ireland. I have an ever increasing
    range of flower seeds all selected for their suitability for flower farmers.

  209. Rita on

    I love hudson valley seed company, especially for quality daffodil bulbs. Fruition seeds is also a favorite; they have been so helpful with growing questions.

  210. Rita Papagian on

    I love hudson valley seed company, especially for quality daffodil bulbs. Fruition seeds is also a favorite; they have been so helpful with growing questions.

  211. Arthur Viens on

    Thank you for sharing all of this. You are a wealth of information that grows beautiful flowers in a very environmentally and responsive way. Keep teaching us how to grow things.

  212. terry rutherford on

    I get very good service and variety from Stokes Seeds in Ontario, Canada, though William Dam also has a wide selection, as you point out. West Coast Seed, my traditional source, is out of many/most seed, I think hit hard by climate change and wildfires this year, sadly. Great list, thanks!

  213. Lisa on

    Wow! That is quite the list. Will definitely be looking at their websites. As usual, you’re a wealth of information. Thank you.

  214. Anna Misner on

    I always check out Everwilde Farms – their gold vault seed packaging keeps seeds plantable longer than paper, with many organic and heirloom varieties. This is helpful for vegetables since I often don’t use the whole packet each year.

  215. Karen on

    Unfortunately, the fabulous Chiltern no longer ships to the US due to prohibitively high phytosanitary charges. Anyone know of a good source for single variety, not collections, of Wallflowers? Thanks!

  216. Jesse Ann Guest-Felsk on

    Love this. You are such a cheerleader. Thanks for taking the time to create this resource! Happy 2022!! Cheers to all the blooms.

  217. Adrienne on

    Oh yeah, thanks SO much! This is the LAST thing I needed! Seriously though…I am so excited to check out some of the companies I was unaware of. What a wonderful resource to share with the world! Thank you for taking the time to do this, Erin!

  218. Lisa on

    Thank you for that incredible and useful list!
    I’d like to add Floritismo in Spain, they have a great selection of bulbs, seeds and dahlia tubers.

  219. Julie Dawson on

    Thank you for such an amazing list of seed sources!!! I would like to add that I’ve had wonderful success with seeds I bought from NZ delphiniums. They have a large selection of seed for their millenniums. I’m in Canada and for much of my seed I use William Dam which you have listed and Stokes which has a good variety of annuals for the home garden. I had a big wish list in 2021 for Kings and Chiltern seeds in England and unfortunately they had stopped shipping to Canada because of Brexit which is unfortunate. For dahlia tubers St Ancient in Quebec and Stems/Edgebrook in Ontario both have an excellent selection at affordable prices. Happy planting!

  220. Jamet on

    Live in the Hudson Valley in New York , and garden at a local organic community farm , this list is fantastic and will be sharing this with the neighbors at the garden. Check out Hudson Valley Seed this is one of my favorites

  221. Lynda Ulrich on

    Erin….. Strictly Medicinal Seeds, Williams, Oregon
    They have an amazing catalog of unusual seeds/plants!

  222. Nan Hoffman on

    Thank you for taking the time to share your personal seed sourcing gems!💜 I have been looking for a seed source for natural dyes for what seems like forever and will be ordering from Grand Prismatic. I wouldn’t ever order anything from Johnny’s Select however. They carry approximately 40 seed varieties including the celebrity tomato that are sourced from monsanto/bayer owned seminis seeds… something that they don’t bother to share with their customers unless you call and ask. I however have a lot of respect for Fedco Seeds who were very public about having some seminis seeds as they phased them out after monsato/bayer bought seminis seeds in 2005. Heirlooms will eventually be lost to us if roundup monsanto has there way and is continually supported with royalties on all their patent owned varieties. Sad thing is that Johnny’s is the biggest well known seed company that continues to hide that they sell them…. it’s all about $$$$$ imho!🥺

  223. Laura Fisher on

    I’ve had good results from Eden Brothers Seeds in Asheville NC.
    Would anyone care to comment on Jung seeds and plants? I got a catalog from them in the mail.

  224. Meg on

    I’ve just unpacked my order from Redemption Seeds. Since it’s a first order, I don’t know anything yet about the quality of seed, but I can assume that too will be a positive. I learned of Redemption Seed by a comment from someone on a cut flower list that I’m also on, who gave very positive comments about ordering from them. I can attest to: the packaging was uniquely done with special tapes & stickers. The professionally done thank you card was beautifully written with a personalized message on the back – heartwarming! And the seed packets themselves, both front and back are filled in with all info one could ever wish for. Absolute perfection

  225. Debbie Parsons on

    Do you sell Sunflower seeds and poppy seeds etc for baking and eating??

  226. Derry Watkins on

    Can’t believe you are listing UK specialty seed suppliers and not including me! Please have a look at my list
    We ship to the US, but perhaps you should warn your customers that Americans will have to get a Small Lots of Seed permit from the USDA. It is free but a a bureaucratic nuisance to apply. Usually takes about a week. It lasts for three years and can be used for any number of imports from any number of companies provided there are no more than 50 packets in each order.

  227. John on

    Thanks for this list; I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time. I’ve been trying to find international stores to buy exotic plants from.

    Is there any chance you could list whether or not a store ships internationally, though? That would be more helpful as some of the stores you listed do not.

  228. Carrie Snediker on

    Love all your information, can’t wait to look at all these suppliers. Have you ever tried Harris Seed, big selection and pricing?
    Thank you for all youdo, you keep gardening Fun!

  229. Barbara Greene on

    Erin, you always surprise me with all your generosity. It is amazing. Thank you very much!
    Barbara Greene

  230. Jeannie Phillips on

    Hi Erin and team!

    So disappointed with seed suppliers in South Africa (even those you described above; Seeds for Africa and Ball Straathof)
    They have a limited supply of flower seeds. Dahlia is ridiculously hard to get hold of (which I still haven’t been able to do).

    When I scroll through your beautiful seed/tuber lists, I cant’t help but feel jealous! Really hope this might change in the future.

    Kind regards

    Jeannie Phillips

  231. Johanna on

    As a member of the EU (Germany), i feel like we´re in a tough spot right now!
    We can´t order from seed companies in the US or the UK (thanks to Brexit and the unclear situation right now); Muller Seeds only offers large quantaties for proffessional growers (not hobbygardeners); B&T World seeds is similar (for most plants the minimal order is set at 7-8€); Jelitto has few typical garden cut flowers and focuses on perennials. I love Bingenheimer Saatgut for my vegetables, but the selection of cut flowers is very limited and often there are mixtures (no seperate colours) for a lot of flowers. Seedaholic has problems with the huge demand right now (not surprising..).
    Nevertheless your overview was helpful, thank you a lot!

  232. Karen Kaminsky on

    Don’t forget JL Hudson, Seedsman – Many years ago, I just started reading it as an end to itself!

  233. Linda on

    Select Seeds in Connecticut has an amazing selection of open-pollinated and heirloom flowers. It’s one of my top favorites.

  234. Olivia on

    Eden Brothers: USA
    They have great prices on bulk seeds.

  235. Sue D. on

    It looks like Stokes is only doing large commercial size quantities and no flowers, a heads up!

  236. Michelle on

    The best Canadian seed source I have come across is Edgebrook Farms. They have an amazing variety!

  237. Christina Campbell on

    So yet another good reason for us Brits to be out of the EU! So sad as I have a list waiting here to order…..but I do understand that its not financially viable for you. We will officially leave EU on 31 January 2020…so will you accept orders for seed to UK later in the year?

  238. Christine Demir on

    Hello Erin and team, what a fantastic resource.
    I live in Australia and have purchased your seeds previously as unable to find good sources in Australia. I have been and continue to be member of Diggers and Lambley for many years, though the newer seed providers I have not heard of. A very pleasant surprise.
    Thank you so much, for influencing so many to live their dream, embrace gardening and grow flowers. Your resources are amazing and you all touch so many lives to enrich them and bring a smile to many faces each day. So thank you!

  239. Alejandra Acosta on

    Hola soy sudamericana, de Argentina. Pueden enviar semillas para esta región?

    • Team Floret on

      Hola Alejandra,
      Podemos enviar libros y algunos otros productos del Floret Shop pero es dificil enviar semillas a otros regiones, incluso Argentina. Vamos a averiguar si es possible en el futuro, pero en este momento lamentablamente no podemos.

  240. Erin Hanson on

    In just checking their website, it seems Thompson & Morgan has delivered the same fate of unavailability to Canada as it has to the US.

  241. Ana on

    Oh! Thank you for the great list. I kept looking for a place to buy zinnia seeds, from EU. Just placed an order from chiltern seeds!


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